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Customs-hub at the 2022 WCO Technology Conference & Exhibition

Sep 13, 2022

Customs-hub will be part of the next WCO IT Conference and Exhibition at Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Please visit us booth number 43 in the Silver Sponsors area. 

We, at Customs-hub, give solutions by providing a better understanding of this data model as well as practical and specific tools for its implementation.
We are not new to the sector, since our technical team has been working in the information technology sector in Customs and Single Windows since 1998. We participated in the creation of the Uruguayan Customs Declaration System, a benchmark project in the Latin American Customs sector as well as the TICA project in the Costa Rican Customs. Both projects were benchmarks as Best Customs Practices and, without a doubt, success stories referenced by many stakeholders.
We also participated in the creation of the SW solution in Uruguay; another major regional event that has allowed Uruguay to position itself once again as a leader in its region in terms of facilitating border crossings.
Professional and consolidated experience has allowed us to participate in the technical teams of the WCO itself as experts on the subject and supporting the evolution of the WCO Data Model. This experience with the WCO Data Model has allowed us to collaborate with the Customs of Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and Panama and help them adjust the model to their own business needs. Considering the specific needs and great challenges that exist in the region for the adoption of this international standard, we created a specific product.

Customs-hub aims to provide Customs, Single Windows and other projects regarding foreign trade (i.e., the private sector) with the ability to generate their own specific variation WCO Model without the need to hire international experts. Hence, we ensure the quality of the implementation and the long-term maintainability of the built solutions. This variation of the model has successfully been adopted by Customs Administrations of the region. In the present
day, it is in use in the Customs of Uruguay, Brazil and Panama as well as in the Single Windows of Costa Rica and Argentina.

Furthermore, we supply custom brokers with a specific tool that enables them to make customs declarations in compliance with the WCO standard and, thus, ensure data portability among all actors in the logistics chain. It allows us to provide solutions that not only meet the needs of control and regulation, but also keep the customs declaration process as simple as possible.

All these regional experience in the WCO Model has allowed us to be recognized by the Regional Logistics Sector as the Latin American benchmark on the subject. Collaborating with the WCO with the proliferation of the data model by organizing events and meetings between model users.

In this manner, Customs-hub is an excellent ally to ensure that the investments made in solutions for Customs and SW have a quick return in the digitization process of the entire logistics chain.