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Integrating EDIFACT with WCO Data Model is made easy with Customs-hub API.

Integrating EDIFACT with WCO Data Model is made easy with Customs-hub API.

Customs-hub is pleased to announce an important new feature added to our platform.

We recognize the challenge of data interoperability in Customs and Single Window environments when there is no universal syntax for Customs Declarations. This presents a real challenge for traders who must deal with multiple different formats worldwide.

Many Customs and Single Window systems use the UN/EDIFACT or the World Customs Organization Data Model. Now, Customs-hub includes a SaaS API that can translate a CUSDEC declaration based on EDIFACT into the WCO Data Model message and vice versa.

This integration of different products and solutions built for one of these standards enables them to interoperate with each other. This will help international traders to complete Customs clearance more efficiently and easily and help Customs exchange data, improving control capacities and facilitating trade.

With just one request, Customs-hub can convert a CUSDEC message to a WCO Data Model XML, allowing for smoother and faster Customs clearance.

From this



to this

<ID schemeID=”113″ schemeAgencyID=”148″>2841</ID>…..


in a single REST request

We are excited to announce the launch of our Early Adoption Program for users interested in evaluating our API service. For more information, please contact us at

Our API service includes several main features:

  • Security: Our service uses OAuth 2.0 for robust and modern authentication technology.
  • Deployment: You can run our service on a Cloud-based platform or an on-premise installation.
  • Interface: Our service uses API RESTful to ensure technical interoperability with your development framework.
  • Business model: Our service runs on a monthly fee or pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Support: We provide highly-capable support for both EDIFACT and WCO Data Model standards.